Dissemination of loving kindness friendly for a happy life

We are in a state of turmoil and are stranded because we do not understand ourselves. Most people find it difficult to manage their lives because they do not know how to achieve the goals in their lives.

Already in our childhood we have tried to find happiness. And we’re still looking for it. We hope to find it in the future too. What does this mean ? It means nobody is currently lucky, but hopes to find it in the future and everyone is looking for it now. We should understand the mental and physical “suffering.” Our goal should be to overcome suffering and stay alive for our lives. The biggest obstacle to achieve this is our inability to control our thoughts. You are as strong as you can live without problems, bad will, misunderstandings, quarreling between children and parents, between men and women, between friends, between relatives. Then luck will not let you down. Due to bad thoughts, our minds get dirty. If we clash spiritually with nothing, we will not be the victim of our thoughts.

Loving kindness is a sense of affection. First, we must apply the loving kindness in our lives. There are doctors for all physical diseases

Cure, but we must treat our minds. The best treatment is loving kindness. If we’re just watching loving kindness to our lives, we’ll never bother with anything. The spirit that does not bump is free, clear, peaceful and calm. A calm mind does not take aggressive decisions. In order to lead a happy life, it is therefore necessary to keep loving kindness.

In the yoga center we will teach you the meditation of the loving kindness, as taught by Buddha. This will give you insight to lead a happy life. From my years of personal experience, I can assure you that you will benefit greatly. The meditation of loving kindness is so strong that people who wanted to get out of life for all sorts of reasons and couples with divorce plans because of relationship problems now live a happy life because they apply the meditation of loving kindness in practice.

It is with this positive progress in the mind that I invite you to participate in our program.

May the Triple Gem (Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha) bless you …